Cyclone 4200 by Heartland 2 patios

Great response to the newest from Cyclone the 4200 with rear patio and side patio. The first Cyclone to offer a true household 23 cubic ft refrigerator. Cyclone tells us it will run about 48 hours on battery power alone off the 1000 watt inverter. I am researching a solar panel battery charge maintainer combination for extending that time.

Any one tried this yet?


Best Overall Value

Cyclone by Heartland is industry leader because of continued innovation.

You know it is great when every one else starts to copy you.

Just a few of the things they aren’t copying are the superior construction.

Like 1 inch plywood for all of the garage floor, tie downs anchored through to the frame not just into wood floor.

Industry proven hydraulic slides,  guarantying smooth operation and a solid seal when extended as well as in stored position.

Sunken one piece full residential size tub shower units with more head room than any RV shower. With a large sun roof to finish it off beautifully. Rounding out a truly spacious usable bathroom. To compliment the fabulous King bed in the 4000 and  4100.

More to come,




The Cyclone toy hauler is making leaps and bounds in achieving unique advancements for features luxury, comfort and customer needs, making them the # 1 choice in toy hauler sales and in the top ten of all fifth wheels in North America.

Welcome to this knowledge based site for helping you to make the wisest selection for your future toy hauler and meet your RV needs. My aim is to assist you in finding the information and answers for reaching your goal and at a great value. Contact me to get the answers you want and need, if I don’t know the answers I will find those who do know and get them for you.

Whether you are looking to get those toys out in the wilderness to play, heading to the race track or just wanting a fabulous family friendly spacious and fun RV I am here to help you.

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Toy Hauler in Snow Full Body Paint Blue Cyclone

Full body paint blue Cyclone 4100  in the snow triple axle toy hauler 12 foot garage and ramp patio system with 3 season screen porch and double queen power bunks with convertible sofa and table in garage. Rear ramp door patio awning and man door entrance to garage. Self storing roof ladder to observation rated roof area.  Two large side awnings and huge basement pass thru storage area outside refrigerator. toy hauler in snow Full body paint blue Cyclone 4100 in snow triple axle 12 foot garage ramp patio 3 season porch