NEW Classic look Full Body Paint Cyclone

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Heartland Cyclone Toy Hauler
Cyclone new Full Body Paint 4200 4150 4100 4000 3950 3800 3110 3010 3000

Finally the look we’ve been asking for a very classy new look with full body paint in a beautiful array of tones for Cyclone toy haulers by Heartland.

Let me know what YOU THINK ON THIS!

3 thoughts on “NEW Classic look Full Body Paint Cyclone

  1. Why nothing with a maroon/tan combination? Many of the Ford Lariats and King ranch editions have such paint jobs, and this would tip the scales in your favor to offer such a combo. I know you can’t offer every color, but the color scheme I mentioned is popular on several editions of America’s top seller.

    1. I agree that is a great idea!
      I have worked for the last two years to get them to go with something more luxurious for full paint then the wild blue or red swirls. I think this is a great first step!
      Going to forward your comment to AJ at Cyclone and start to work on a next step. We’ll see what comes of it! Thank you for the input. Do you have a toy hauler?

  2. Lol…I ended up ordering a Cyclone 4200, grey without stripes or decals. I’m getting it custom painted to match my F450 King Ranch. I’ll post photos when I take delivery.

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